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A tour of the villages of Naxos is a unique experience, a journey into the history and past of the island, with myths and heroes, medieval legends, and folk customs that survive intact to this day.

Coastal areas are refreshed by the Aegean Sea breezes, and the uplands by mountain coolness.

Colors alternate, and so do the sounds: the waves, the gurgling waters of a stream, the squeaking reeds, the rustling leaves, and so many other sounds accompany the visitor on every step.

Churches and monasteries of rare historical value, mansions, and towers, caves, trails, mines, threshing floors, and vineyards give these villages a great wealth of sights that are difficult to encounter on any other island. 

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The marble paved village


Traditional and unique


Artistic and Unspoiled

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Naxos Villages


Historical village


A village with statues


Picturesque village


A village and its castle


An emery mining village


a peacefull place

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Naxos has something for everyone – this is what makes it one of the most popular Aegean islands

Naxos has something for everyone