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Castle of Naxos

Castle of Naxos - Kastro

There are few places in Greece where one may go back in time and get a feeling of what a medieval town was like –architectural structure and details still intact. The fortified citadel of Naxos, or Kastro, is one of these. The conversion of many mansions within its bounds into museums and the maintenance of others by their owners makes Kastro a veritable medieval museum with a unique atmosphere.

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The Story of Kastro

For defensive reasons, Kastro was not exposed to the sea, but the island’s hinterland instead. Two settlements were developed outside Kastro after

its construction: Bourgos, an affluent neighborhood to the west, and Nio Chorio to the south.

Kastro had three gates: Paraporti, its southern gate and main entrance for visitors; the northern entrance, or renowned Trani Porta; and a southeastern gate, Piso Paraporti, which has not been saved.

Passing through the surviving gates, the visitor enters another world of tranquility, narrow alleys, courtyards adorned with flowers, and old mansions with coats of arms on their lintels.

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All day. Visit this place during the sunset.

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Dimitras Temple

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