Beach Bars

Naxos Beach Bars: Top 7 Havens of Sun, Sand, and Spirits

Exploring Naxos, one of Greece's most enchanting islands, is incomplete without experiencing its vibrant beach bar scene.

    1. Yazoo Summer Bliss – Plaka Beach: A favorite for those who love to party, Yazoo Summer Bliss is known for its full moon parties, great music, and an array of handcrafted cocktails. Its location on Plaka Beach adds to its charm, offering a perfect mix of Cretan-Naxian dishes.

    2. Santana Beach Club – Agia Anna Beach: This stylish club is one of Naxos’ top party destinations. Hosting beach parties throughout the summer with a fantastic house DJ and occasional live bands, it offers creative cocktails, Mediterranean fare, and a lively beach atmosphere.

    3. Island Bar – Agia Anna Beach: Situated right on the beach, Island Bar is perfect for sipping a refreshing cocktail just steps from the sea. Its Cycladic architecture and vibrant environment offer a quintessential island experience

    4. Tohu Beach Bar – Plaka Beach: For a more laid-back experience, Tohu Beach Bar is ideal. Known for its specialty coffee and grand breakfast selections, it also offers quality meat servings and expertly-cooked fish​

    5. Blue Lagoon – Kastraki: Located on Kastraki Beach, Blue Lagoon offers a picturesque setting perfect for a romantic evening or a relaxed dining experience. It serves a variety of Mediterranean, European, and traditional Greek cuisines, including local specialties like Naxian Cheese.

    6. Yucca Beach Bar – Plaka Beach: Yucca offers a posh and modern setting, turning local products into high-gastronomy plates. Located above Plaka Beach, it’s a great place for cocktails, snacks, and admiring the Aegean water.

    7. Banana – Agia Anna Beach: This seaside beach bar is renowned for its fine meat cuts, fish fillets, and deluxe breakfast platters. Banana’s late-night cocktails by the shore are a delightful way to end your day


These beach bars, each with its own unique charm and offerings, encapsulate the essence of Naxos' vibrant beach culture. Whether you're looking for a lively party scene, a romantic evening, or a tranquil sunset view, these spots offer it all, making them essential stops on your Naxos itinerary.